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 Garena info

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PostSubject: Garena info   Mon Jun 08, 2009 4:58 pm

Garena is basicly an add on for Warcraft III. We will use it for some DoTA games.
Why use this instead of BNet? Garena has special features, such as ladder DoTA with icons, levels and score tracking.
Garena is also, map hack free. It has an anti-cheat system which keeps all cheats offline in Garena.
We can make PWFD in Garena, aswell. And find other clan matches.
There are NO noobs in Garena, I mean do you think noobs really search DoTA add ons?
Garena has "level areas" where once you rank up you will be able to play in the tourny areas.
Also, Garena has the least lag by using a special system like LC.
Last but not least...It's not connected to!

None of us have hooked up to Garena yet, I brought it up earlyer. I will be setting mine up some time today. For more info, and download link etc here
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Garena info
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