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 Plugin Commands and Information

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PostSubject: Plugin Commands and Information   Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:15 am

Ok here is a list of a few commands and what they do, and how they will help the clan
The first one (and remember each must be issued with a ! in front of it.

!newevent (mm/dd/yyyy) Format This issues a message which will expand the basic "message of the day" that every clan member sees when they enter channel. This will be a great add-on for clan IH's Council meetings Ect. Also available is !delevent which deletes any messages for that date.

The next is the Warn command
!warn <username> [#] [reason]
Set's user's warn count to [#]. The # and reason arguements are optional and interchangable.
!unwarn <username>
Removes all warnings assigned to username.
!listwarn <username>
Returns number of warnings username has recieved. Aliases: listwarns, warnlist
Resets warnings for all users.
This can be used for what ever reason instead of taking drastic measures of say removing from clan? "warn instead of ban" ..all up to Greg and the other shamans on making decsions like this..again with all these commands Greg decides who gets what access.

Next one is pretty cool its !teamrand
If there is an even amount of players that want to play a game 2/4/6/8/10, say an IH then you can type !teamrand in the channel and everybody that wants to play has 15 seconds to type /me then the bot will randomly put each player on either tema 1 (sent) or team 2 (scourge) Pretty cool command here.

thats it for now...theres also !pelt ...!pelt the1sthorseman...try it out
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PostSubject: Re: Plugin Commands and Information   Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:12 am

hey i was wondering if there was a plug in that you could get. ive seen it befre but idr with which type of bot it was. when people entered the channel it would say something like "to apply for this clan type -apply" and then every so often it would say "people needing tryouts.. Name, name, name, etc"
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Plugin Commands and Information
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